Art knife, paper craft knife

2014-06-28 09.11.40I’m a paper artist I cut stencils and do cut paper art.
I talked my shop into making these for me and now I want to offer them to you. I wanted a beautiful knife but it had to be functional too. I personally hand finish everyone of these after the shop does their magic. The handle is 5/16″ hexagonal solid brass, the hexagonal shapes helps prevent the knife from rolling off the workspace. I made the handle shorter for two reason, first to feel more solid lower in my hand and secondly since I often work under a magnifier I didn’t want it to hit the lens. I’ve shown a picture of the knife in my bigger than average hand and one picture in a smaller woman’s hand.
Solid brass handle which holds standard #11 blades, Excel blades are my favorites by the way. This knife is a labor of love I hope that you enjoy using one of them as much as I do.   The knife is available on ebay from seller PilgrimageArts, that’s me.

2014-06-28 09.13.20 2014-06-28 09.13.43