Knife Etiquette or Manners

Lots has been written about knife etiquette, the proper way to hand a knife to another person and other safety tips. I have a different approach that I’d like to talk about. To me the most important manner is not to ask to borrow a knife in the first place. If you need something cut, ask for it to be cut. I think it is rude to ask to borrow someone’s knife, nobody likes it believe me. 40 plus years ago a co-worker asked to borrow my knife without thinking I loaned it, he snapped the tip off opening paint cans.  Really does it look like a screw driver? People are stupid especially when it comes to knives. Just because your knife is important to you not everyone feels the same and most don’t.

Now, if you want to show your knife, they say when handing a fixed blade knife to someone to do it handle first, blade away from your hand, NO. Just sit it down on a table the ground or whatever. Do you really want someone playing Zoro while your hand is outstretched? They might, just think about it. A folding knife is easier and more obvious, close it of course but I still say sit it down.

Anyway that’s my two cents. There are somethings that you just don’t share or loan.

Stay safe and be sharp.