Sometimes I wonder what it would be like if Gutenberg hadn’t come along with his movable type and printing press? So everything had to be written by hand, from your soul to the tip of your pen or maybe your soul to the tip of the calligraphers pen. One thing for certain books would be more valuable and treasured, throw away novels wouldn’t exist. I knew a guy that would throw away chapters as he read them, just tear them off and into the fire, kind of made me sick but that’s another story. Would writers be more careful about what they write? I know that it was a great, liberating invention that freed books from the privileged  and all that good stuff. I’m searching for the sacred and somehow feel that by increasing the difficulty of production there would be a condensation of thought, that what would be written would be meaningful more connected to what is important. Others would say that it would be stifling expression, that only the wealthy could get their ideas into to book form, almost said print, oops. Of course I couldn’t do this blogging and I would be sad about that so yes I say thank you Mr Gutenberg but still I wonder.


Magic in Words

Her mind and then her body dances with words. Each words vibration starts as it enters her ears. Then the caressing begins, tickling her mind and flowing towards her feet, she could feel her body warming as she starts to move, feeling the rhythm of each word. For her words are a consumable, a steady diet is needed. She collects them, savors their sound and texture. She likes to watch old movies for the dialog and wishes for a friend that shares her passion for words. Most of her coworkers seem use about  47 variations of the F word to say all they can process, she just nods her head and puts her headphones back on. She knows there is magic in words and wonders why so many have forgotten that.