A clean work bench at last!

A clean work bench at last! Well, not really, my work bench is still piled high with all of my projects or rather some of my projects.If you are anything like me ( no insult intended) and your work bench has an open flat spot you will quickly find something to place there. Normally this isn’t a huge problem but it keeps from starting projects because I know that I have 15 minutes or more of work just to clean a spot to work. I’ve found a solution, the other day I was at Harbor Freight and saw this cool little table, they are calling it a bench grinder stand but I’m calling it my unclutterable work bench. You see you can’t clutter it because the top is too small, brilliant you say. I put a small piece of plywood as a top and to give me a spot to clamp a pivoting vise. I’ve been taking it out on the porch and doing my carvings and other projects and I think that I could set-up the vise to be a stitching horse for sewing leather. I’ve also put my bench top belt sander on my magic bench, being careful to clamp it in place. When I’m done I just blow off the the little bench and bring it back in the house.

Here are two photos of the unclutterable bench. That vise is very cool, it swivels, rotates and has two heads, I’m using the smaller one here.  WP_20150718_15_29_59_Pro WP_20150718_15_30_17_Pro