Letters, sacred shapes

There is something so much more than just a sound representative orĀ placeĀ holder to letters. There is a sacredness that I have been trying to explore for sometime. It is easy for some to just say our letters are just mechanical but I think they are the same people that think love is purely chemical or is a figment of our imaginations. While I don’t know Japanese or Chinese I have tried to learn some kangi calligraphy and even though I only slightly know the meanings and surely have no cultural background there I can feel the sacredness and power of the shapes or form or is it the space around the form? Recently I’ve begun to investigate Runes and the Hebrew letters where it all begins with Aleph. We are all one and our sacredness and our sense of sacredness is far more connected than we have been taught. We or most of us have been educated by people who are splitters, those who make their living by finding separateness and division. I think this process helps them feel secure by making them feel exclusive and pervertedly more powerful.
So I’m going to try and find out more about our letters and the sacred world, stay tuned let’s see where this goes.

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