Calligraphy and Cursive

Keep coming back to calligraphy, I just love the letter shapes, especially when they are pen driven forms where the process is integral to the form, which is one thing you really miss with a ball point pen, no function driving form at all. But, my fear is form will become more important than content which may be ok sometimes, I mean beauty is beauty. Do you ever think about how 26 letters can create the world? Throw in the numbers and you pretty much have got it all.

On a side, random note the schools in my area in their infinite wisdom have decided to stop teaching cursive writing, they say it is too expensive.¬†This¬†feels like one of those moments when we will look back and say this is when society collapsed. Learning handwriting teaches so much more than just how to write faster. It’s about form, space,balance, weight, well actually it’s life and one of those things that makes and keeps us human. Pretty much why there is art don’t you know.

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